Thursday, September 12, 2013

Shop Spotlight: Iron & Resin

Right now, I'm a gypsy. A couch surfer, an inflatable mattress connossiour, a free (stressed out) spirit. Some nights I'm in LA, but my main place of residence, my temporary official address is in Ventura, CA. My aunt has been incredibly kind and is letting me stay in her extra bedroom as I job hunt/go to school/look for a place/get on my feet. Which, means, I am a stones throw away from Main Street. It's a quaint little downtown street full of antique shops, artisian shops, thrift stores, and some deeelicious restaurants.

Iron & Resin 2
I went into Iron & Resin, a hip biker store full with pretty much everything, and anything. It's completely hipster, the word hipster tends to induce major eye rolls but hey, if hipster means its hand crafted, hand drawn, and authentic. Well then, I can get down with 'hipster' stuff.
Iron & Resin 11
I took a silly amount of photos on my super fancy DSLR Iphone. I just felt really inspired, and now that I'm studying Graphic Design, I'm being more cognizant of capturing all things design that inspire me.
Iron & Resin 4 Iron & Resin 7 Iron & Resin 5   Iron & Resin 6 Iron & Resin 8
If ever you are in the area, this shop is definitely worth checking out. 

Iron & Resin
524 E. Main St
Ventura, CA 93001
(805) 643-0737

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