Thursday, September 12, 2013

Shop Spotlight: Iron & Resin

Right now, I'm a gypsy. A couch surfer, an inflatable mattress connossiour, a free (stressed out) spirit. Some nights I'm in LA, but my main place of residence, my temporary official address is in Ventura, CA. My aunt has been incredibly kind and is letting me stay in her extra bedroom as I job hunt/go to school/look for a place/get on my feet. Which, means, I am a stones throw away from Main Street. It's a quaint little downtown street full of antique shops, artisian shops, thrift stores, and some deeelicious restaurants.

Iron & Resin 2
I went into Iron & Resin, a hip biker store full with pretty much everything, and anything. It's completely hipster, the word hipster tends to induce major eye rolls but hey, if hipster means its hand crafted, hand drawn, and authentic. Well then, I can get down with 'hipster' stuff.
Iron & Resin 11
I took a silly amount of photos on my super fancy DSLR Iphone. I just felt really inspired, and now that I'm studying Graphic Design, I'm being more cognizant of capturing all things design that inspire me.
Iron & Resin 4 Iron & Resin 7 Iron & Resin 5   Iron & Resin 6 Iron & Resin 8
If ever you are in the area, this shop is definitely worth checking out. 

Iron & Resin
524 E. Main St
Ventura, CA 93001
(805) 643-0737

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bye, Bye Bay Area

Golden Gate Bridge
I want to leave this place while we are still on good terms. While I still feel love in my heart for this space, this place, that has encapsulated so many of my successes, my errors, and my growth. I transformed here.

Leaving my hometown of Tucson, AZ in January of 2008 was one of the best decisions I ever made. There's something incredibly empowering about thrusting yourself out of your element of comfort and branching out into the unknown. The trials and tribulations, the hurt, the happiness. It's been one helluva journey. I feel like everyone should leave their hometown at some point, it doesn't have to be forever. It's equal parts of oh-shit scary and exciting, but in the end, you'll be incredibly proud of yourself for navigating through it.
Lands End
The Bay Area has been a beautiful playground to me for the last 5&1/2 years. The diversity of people, the greenery, the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, the vast infinite ocean and the beauty of the bay, the rolling hills, the steep San Francisco slopes, were blissful. But yet every moment savored in this little world of mine has come tagged with a feeling of a void in my heart. It's been bittersweet. I can't say that northern California ever truly felt like home. The question, "When and how will I leave?" has always loomed over me pretty much since I got here. My only regret is that I never actually lived in the city of San Francisco, that had the potential to be a fun experience and a part of me feels that maybe I would have found a sense of home in that beautiful city. But I digress.
Dolores Park
The past five years have been transformative. I sometimes lost the best parts of myself only to later regain them back. I've grown by leaps and bounds. I've made friends that became family, and I was fortunate to work in an environment that helped cultivate and mold me into the person I am today. I teetered with the idea of going back to live in Tucson, but I'm a city girl at heart. I like the forward thinking attitude of big cities, the busy hustle and bustle, and the creative energy.
Philo Apple FarmLake Merritt
My new journey starts on Saturday, August 24. (I'm here already! This post was written far too early.) I packed up my embarassing amount of crap and trekked to the City of Angeles, that's right, Los Angeles. I've always felt a pull and gravitation towards LA. Since I was 16, it's felt like a friend, calling me, waving it's hand trying to usher me in. I've decided to finally take the invitation and stay awhile. I want to see if this gravitation, is going to lead to a place that finally feels like home. Bye, bye Bay Area. Good tidings to you, we had a good run, but it was time to part.
The last couple weeks have been very intense and hectic. It's been go-go-go but I'm excited. I'll be posting more often once I'm better situated.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I turned 27.

(My dad & I)

I've officially entered my late twenties! I turned the beloved 27 on August 1st and I don't really care that I'm almost 30, bring it. Though, I do feel this nonsensical panic to do carefree spontaneous things all of a sudden. Because according to Buzzfeed thats what our twenties are for. I keep hearing all these pros and cons about the twenties bracket and its interesting. My two cents, our early and late twenties are vastly different feeling. With each year that passes, I feel more confident and secure with who I am. My early twenties and late teens consisted of the constant questioning of everything and feeling so stupid and insecure. I can't claim I have it all figured out, but I see growth. Growth is comforting.

My dad came to visit for three very brief (though very fun) days. I can't even remember the last time I spent a birthday with my dad, he couldn't either and he deemed that unacceptable and so a flight was booked and the rest is history.

Those three days were a whirlwind because our itinerary was silly full. We went to San Francisco for my birthday dinner, Fairfield to visit my aunt, hit up Napa very briefly, then went to Cupertino to visit a few of my dad's friend who were in town. It was a memorable visit, one that must be repeated again soon.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Inspiration 01

Give me a..."ENTER LETTER HERE AND SHOUT IT VERY LOUDLY!" And then do a cheer and dance if you feel so inclined. Which I just did, at my desk, at work.

I like the "make it big" vibe the two photos above have. The fun and playfulness of making one letter big, and intertwining it with a person makes for a very engaging portrait.

Photo Credits:
Showroom Magazine 
The Brand Audit by Nubby Twiglet

Monday, August 12, 2013

Change is Brewing.

I'm sitting here at my desk, engulfed in a mixture of anxiety, panic, and excitement. Mostly, excitement, but the panic. It's there. Oh it's there. I'm in "charge forward" mode. I've been reflecting a lot this past year, on where I want my career and personal life to go. My current situation isn't letting me maximize my skills, growth, and potential for a few reasons that I would like to chum up to business politics. But business politics aside, I've been wanting to make this change for a long time. And because of one reason or other, I back out. Get nervous, cave to the advice of others and get back to this place. This internal standstill with myself where I know where I want to go, but I feel like the influence of other factors prevents me from breaking through.

I have to keep mum for a little, on what this big change is but, it's coming. I'm ready for it though I got some grown up thangs to handle first. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. Breaaaaathe.

Friday, July 26, 2013

The Name Game

After creating, and abandoning an embarassing amount of blogs and domain names, I think I've finally quit being a floozy, and I've settled. Design Life Hub! Designlifehub! Desiiiiiiiign. Liiiiiiife. Huuuuuuuuub. Yes. I like the sound of it. I think it encompasses much of what I wish to capture here on my little free space of the internet,  and it rolls off the tongue nicely. Finally, I'm in a committed domain name relationship. Heavens, sing.

I don't even know where to begin quite yet on developing a logo for this blog. So for now, lets just file DLH under TBD. I'm exploring ideas and catching vibes. So, someday. Let's hope sooner than later. Right now I'm in the discovery and development process. Which means, I'm avoiding it like the plague.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Thrift Finds

I'm not sure when I became an old lady who trolls antique stores in search of golden animal treasures and other such things, but some where, some how, it happened. I've fully embraced it. Living across an Eco Thrift, one of northern California's largest thrift stores for antiques, isn't helping the cause either.

After work, I have this internal battle where I ask myself; should I pull into Eco Thrift or not? And who am I kidding, 99% of the time before I even answer the question I've already got my left turn blinker on waiting to turn in through the little back street. Sometimes I walk out feeling like I just won a raffle prize, other times I'm like what a load of crap.

Anyways, below is some of my favorite loot. The prices at which I've gotten everything are dirty cheap.
I got my cousin this cute little bolero cowboy necklace, because she a country girl!

On the left, is a one of a set of brass elephants I found. The trunk duals as a functional and convenient ring holder. On the right, a very serious soldier. 

I used to keep my chunky jewelry stuffed in an oversized zipblock bag (hey it did the job) but now, thanks to my newfound obsession with brass, I found these nice sturdy bowls and things around here look a little more glamorous.

The round brass tray served as the perfect resting spot to make my perfumes look all organized and fancy. Though I must embarrassingly admit, during the morning rush of getting ready I slam or pull out my drawers too fast and I knock them over constantly. My mornings are filled with expletives.

 And lastly, a nice little brass dish for pocket change. 

I'm a total brass junkie, and if its dirty, unpolished, and lackluster, well even better. Because polishing brass is strangely gratifying. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

A Career Change | When the Universe Speaks, Listen

I finally feel at a point where I'm ready to take the plunge, and make a career change. I've been dabbling in Graphic Design for the past year and a half, but with out structure and projects, I feel like my growth and skillset has flatlined. I am officially enrolled in a Graphic Design program. Cue the happy dance.

I had a wonderful conversation with my aunt who is an incredible teacher and a life mentor. She told me, when the universe is speaking to you, listen to it! You have to put out into the universe what you want, and the universe will give it to you. But if you never put it out there, it's never going to come. I felt like randomly shouting AMEN! Because her words resonated so deeply. I feel like it's my time to give myself a chance. Let go of all my fears, and just run with it. I might fall flat on my face, hit some struggles, but you know what? I'll get back up because face planking is stupid. Here I come, UNIVERSE!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

4th of July in Boonville, CA

My brother was recently visiting nearby with his girlfriend and her family. They stayed in this teeny tiny town and kindly invited me to spend the 4th of July with them in Boonville (aka, the boonies!) I spent the weekend eating delicious BBQ, sipping on spirits, and enjoying some truly kind and genuine company. When they asked if I could spend the night, I was like ohhh I hope its not an imposition. Don't mind the fact that my overnight bag is already resting on an extra bed, I'll take that vacancy! It was a fun filled weekend. I do miss living in the same city as my brother, he's such a funny and inspiring person. 

The house they were staying was built in the 1890's. It has been updated inside, so it didn't have too much of an old feel in the interior, but it did have its quirks. 

 My brother's girlfriend, Kalli, came equipped with a backpack full of explosive fireworks for the fourth. She's a keeper. 

On Friday, we decided to venture out and head to a river close by. I wouldn't exactly call it a river. It was more of a giant pond. I didn't dip in, I'm not a big fan of swimming, especially in still waters. But my brother, his girlfriend, his gf's sister Veronica, and their dad couldn't resist. 

 I put together this gif of my brother and his girlfriend and her family diving into the water. Seeing other people so happy, well shoot, it just warms your soul. 

And this old man swimming with his two old dogs, was so stinking adorable. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Patterned Throw Pillows

When I first saw the above image, my first thought was, now THAT'S a party. A pillow party to be completely cheesy and dorky. Who says a couch has to be donned in a sea of solids? No one. That's who.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Living Room Love! Bri Emery's Living Room Make Over

Oh my goodness. I've become absolutely captivated and entranced with Bri Emery's living room. I mean, when I'm out and about browsing I'm running through my mental notes of what key features from the room inspire me. I've lost count of how many times I've Googled "Bri Emery's living room.." just to look at the pictures again. The gold accents, the tribal patterns, the mix of mod, feminine and masculine. Sometimes I get stuck on making things too matchy-matchy and what I love about the room is that yes, things match, but not because theres two of everything. Things connect and compliment eachother in a quirky way. My favorite colors are gold, magenta, white, yellow, and teal and I see all of those incorporated. That makes me a giddy girl. Like dorky giddy. I also love all the plants. I decided that some day (not soon) I'm going to invest in beautiful plants and NOT kill them. Emily Henderson, will you style my home? Pleaaaaase?

The before and after is so dramatic.

Bri Emery's Living Room on Design Love Fest | Emily Henderson | Apartment Therapy | LA Times

Monday, April 22, 2013

Places for Home Shopping | Low, Mid, and High Price Ranges

In college I never intently considered styling my home because I was so busy and focused all my energy into school and work. But now that I'm older, my palate is a bit more refined, and my bank account isn't as pathetic, I am ready to bring some chic and cozy style into my living space. I'm a bargain hunter by nature (thanks for that mom). Though I am a firm believer in splurging and investing in items that are instant love, one of a kinds (hello, vintage!), or that have long-term functionality.

I don't know why home decorating has always been such a conundrum for me. I find myself scouring Pinterest, picking apart pictures, circling what I like, digging through design blogs, etc. I hit walls and then I become obsessed with breaking through them. I'm a mad woman! That's the only way to put it.

Through this crazy quest of hunting, I've found some places where I've bought a few things from, and other places that fit my style, but their offerings are currently on the dream list.

Low Price Range List: 

Mid - High Price Range List:

My quest still continues, as I discover more cool places I'll be sure to add them to the list.

Photo credits: 
Photo 1: Bay Area Craigslist offering
Photo 2: Z Gallerie, via Google

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Beautiful and Affordable Rugs

Rugs are so fun and versatile. They can easily transform a dull living area into a chic and stylish home. It's fun to buy about 2-3 favorites and change them out through out the seasons. They breathe new life into a room and its an affordable way to update an area with out breaking the bank. 

From left to right: 1, 2, 3, 4

Friday, April 19, 2013

Cute Vintage Trash Cans

The other day I was at Target looking to snag the cheapest most decent trash can available and get the heck out. Ok, one part of that sentence is a lie. I'm usually never in a hurry to get the heck out of Target. Target always sucks me into a rabbit hole of endless wandering and exploring. I spotted this cute small vintage trash can. Not only was it aesthetically pleasing but the little sucker was sturdy, which was a plus because step cans that kick the bucket on you are no bueno.  I like to use small cans for perishables so I can dispose of anything that might get smelly more often. Simple Human has a larger trash can that's significantly more pricey but well made.

I spotted these cute cans at Ikea too.