Monday, April 22, 2013

Places for Home Shopping | Low, Mid, and High Price Ranges

In college I never intently considered styling my home because I was so busy and focused all my energy into school and work. But now that I'm older, my palate is a bit more refined, and my bank account isn't as pathetic, I am ready to bring some chic and cozy style into my living space. I'm a bargain hunter by nature (thanks for that mom). Though I am a firm believer in splurging and investing in items that are instant love, one of a kinds (hello, vintage!), or that have long-term functionality.

I don't know why home decorating has always been such a conundrum for me. I find myself scouring Pinterest, picking apart pictures, circling what I like, digging through design blogs, etc. I hit walls and then I become obsessed with breaking through them. I'm a mad woman! That's the only way to put it.

Through this crazy quest of hunting, I've found some places where I've bought a few things from, and other places that fit my style, but their offerings are currently on the dream list.

Low Price Range List: 

Mid - High Price Range List:

My quest still continues, as I discover more cool places I'll be sure to add them to the list.

Photo credits: 
Photo 1: Bay Area Craigslist offering
Photo 2: Z Gallerie, via Google

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