Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I turned 27.

(My dad & I)

I've officially entered my late twenties! I turned the beloved 27 on August 1st and I don't really care that I'm almost 30, bring it. Though, I do feel this nonsensical panic to do carefree spontaneous things all of a sudden. Because according to Buzzfeed thats what our twenties are for. I keep hearing all these pros and cons about the twenties bracket and its interesting. My two cents, our early and late twenties are vastly different feeling. With each year that passes, I feel more confident and secure with who I am. My early twenties and late teens consisted of the constant questioning of everything and feeling so stupid and insecure. I can't claim I have it all figured out, but I see growth. Growth is comforting.

My dad came to visit for three very brief (though very fun) days. I can't even remember the last time I spent a birthday with my dad, he couldn't either and he deemed that unacceptable and so a flight was booked and the rest is history.

Those three days were a whirlwind because our itinerary was silly full. We went to San Francisco for my birthday dinner, Fairfield to visit my aunt, hit up Napa very briefly, then went to Cupertino to visit a few of my dad's friend who were in town. It was a memorable visit, one that must be repeated again soon.

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