Sunday, July 14, 2013

4th of July in Boonville, CA

My brother was recently visiting nearby with his girlfriend and her family. They stayed in this teeny tiny town and kindly invited me to spend the 4th of July with them in Boonville (aka, the boonies!) I spent the weekend eating delicious BBQ, sipping on spirits, and enjoying some truly kind and genuine company. When they asked if I could spend the night, I was like ohhh I hope its not an imposition. Don't mind the fact that my overnight bag is already resting on an extra bed, I'll take that vacancy! It was a fun filled weekend. I do miss living in the same city as my brother, he's such a funny and inspiring person. 

The house they were staying was built in the 1890's. It has been updated inside, so it didn't have too much of an old feel in the interior, but it did have its quirks. 

 My brother's girlfriend, Kalli, came equipped with a backpack full of explosive fireworks for the fourth. She's a keeper. 

On Friday, we decided to venture out and head to a river close by. I wouldn't exactly call it a river. It was more of a giant pond. I didn't dip in, I'm not a big fan of swimming, especially in still waters. But my brother, his girlfriend, his gf's sister Veronica, and their dad couldn't resist. 

 I put together this gif of my brother and his girlfriend and her family diving into the water. Seeing other people so happy, well shoot, it just warms your soul. 

And this old man swimming with his two old dogs, was so stinking adorable. 

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