Monday, July 15, 2013

A Career Change | When the Universe Speaks, Listen

I finally feel at a point where I'm ready to take the plunge, and make a career change. I've been dabbling in Graphic Design for the past year and a half, but with out structure and projects, I feel like my growth and skillset has flatlined. I am officially enrolled in a Graphic Design program. Cue the happy dance.

I had a wonderful conversation with my aunt who is an incredible teacher and a life mentor. She told me, when the universe is speaking to you, listen to it! You have to put out into the universe what you want, and the universe will give it to you. But if you never put it out there, it's never going to come. I felt like randomly shouting AMEN! Because her words resonated so deeply. I feel like it's my time to give myself a chance. Let go of all my fears, and just run with it. I might fall flat on my face, hit some struggles, but you know what? I'll get back up because face planking is stupid. Here I come, UNIVERSE!

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