Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Thrift Finds

I'm not sure when I became an old lady who trolls antique stores in search of golden animal treasures and other such things, but some where, some how, it happened. I've fully embraced it. Living across an Eco Thrift, one of northern California's largest thrift stores for antiques, isn't helping the cause either.

After work, I have this internal battle where I ask myself; should I pull into Eco Thrift or not? And who am I kidding, 99% of the time before I even answer the question I've already got my left turn blinker on waiting to turn in through the little back street. Sometimes I walk out feeling like I just won a raffle prize, other times I'm like what a load of crap.

Anyways, below is some of my favorite loot. The prices at which I've gotten everything are dirty cheap.
I got my cousin this cute little bolero cowboy necklace, because she a country girl!

On the left, is a one of a set of brass elephants I found. The trunk duals as a functional and convenient ring holder. On the right, a very serious soldier. 

I used to keep my chunky jewelry stuffed in an oversized zipblock bag (hey it did the job) but now, thanks to my newfound obsession with brass, I found these nice sturdy bowls and things around here look a little more glamorous.

The round brass tray served as the perfect resting spot to make my perfumes look all organized and fancy. Though I must embarrassingly admit, during the morning rush of getting ready I slam or pull out my drawers too fast and I knock them over constantly. My mornings are filled with expletives.

 And lastly, a nice little brass dish for pocket change. 

I'm a total brass junkie, and if its dirty, unpolished, and lackluster, well even better. Because polishing brass is strangely gratifying. 

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